Old AIM Conversation with Wyatt

Eh, Steve!
Wherein I unsuccessfully attempt to turn Wyatt to the dark side. Also, my icon was based on the image to the right.

Wyatt Ammon: what’s up with the hat man icon?
Wyatt Ammon: it kind of creeps me out
Wyatt Ammon: is it a hat?
Wyatt Ammon: it looks like it has four little legs…
Wyatt Ammon: or two? is it wearing pants?
Sandy Smith: it’s “eh, steve!”
Wyatt Ammon: oh, of course!
Sandy Smith: http://www.homestarrunner.com/dween_cakes.html
Wyatt Ammon: WOW.
Wyatt Ammon: what’s not to understand?
Wyatt Ammon: from now on when I refill my drink I’m going to say, “I’m going to re-nog.”
Wyatt Ammon: and not care that nobody gets it.
Sandy Smith: ah, and thus it begins–you see something so cool that you must reference it, and ten years later, you’re me
Wyatt Ammon: LOL LOL LOL
Wyatt Ammon: oh please God! NOOOOO
Wyatt Ammon: thankfully I have no memory.

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