Ways Being a Libertarian in DC is Cool

  1. Talking about what it’s like to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court with a guy who has done it (and lost, and in so doing, created a backlash)
  2. Being able to chat with him and a cute young lass you’ve already met about neurology versus psychiatry, as well as wonder at how people can relentlessly defend Bush.
  3. Chatting with several people you have read articles from for years.
  4. Shall we say, conversing with the editor of your favorite magazine about what about women you each find attractive. We will leave it at that.
  5. Finding that the hottie writer for said magazine really is that hot and being able to chat with her before the night’s over. About bird flu. And how we’re all gonna die.
  6. Getting a couple of unexpected business leads because apparently people really are interested in what I do, not just the fact I’m there as a reader.
  7. Having the guy who set up one of your favorite blogs buy you a beer (I owe him one, or at least a couple of emails’ worth of free consulting).
  8. Enjoying Boddington’s with zero guilt: priceless.
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One Response to Ways Being a Libertarian in DC is Cool

  1. Tom says:

    Libertarians are lyk so cool. I DJ and parkour because of them. CULTS FOR LIFE

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