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And Russell Roberts with the Smackdown!

On Hugo Chavez’s deal to sell oil at a deep discount to certain Massachusettsans: “He’s doing the right thing,” Kelly, 44, said in a phone interview Wednesday. “The people of Venezuela are lucky to have him. That’s what government is … Continue reading

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Mr. Ford: It’s Called a “Market”

So the eponymous CEO of Ford Motors, Inc., went before Congress to argue for tax breaks to encourage “investment” in more fuel-efficient vehicles. Choice quote; Bill Ford said more action was needed to stimulate the development of hybrid vehicles and … Continue reading

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I Am Sandysmithias! Look Upon My Visage, Ye Mighty, and Despair!

In other words, my friend Todd has immortalized me after a fashion. [Click on the picture for a bigger version.]

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Old AIM Conversation with Wyatt

Wherein I unsuccessfully attempt to turn Wyatt to the dark side. Also, my icon was based on the image to the right. Wyatt Ammon: what’s up with the hat man icon? Wyatt Ammon: it kind of creeps me out Wyatt … Continue reading

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Oh Yes, Let’s Put These People In Charge of the Internet

More evidence, if you needed it, that the an intergovernmental body is not the organization to replace ICANN as the arbiters of the Internet’s domain name system–which will, like all UN-style organizations, suffer mission creep to cover more and more … Continue reading

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Why Are UFO Reports Declining?

Tyler Cowen offers his hypothesis: I doubt if people have fewer delusions, so presumably they have moved into stories which cannot so easily be refuted. This would include delusions about the future (e.g., extreme forms of transhumanism?), delusions about politics, … Continue reading

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Wyatt Ammon, RIP

I learned late last night that my friend Ginger‘s brother Wyatt, who used to work and hang out with me before he decided to go into the Peace Corps, died after an accident in Zambia. It was relatively innocent, just … Continue reading

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Ways Being a Libertarian in DC is Cool

Talking about what it’s like to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court with a guy who has done it (and lost, and in so doing, created a backlash) Being able to chat with him and a cute … Continue reading

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Crooks and Liars Makes My Already Exceptional Night

“They think they can get it on MTV on Total Request Live, and if they don’t, it’s for political reasons, not because the song sucks.” – Keith Oberman on “Bush was Right,” “music” to which he thoughtfully provided a video … Continue reading

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If a Fire Hits the CBN Network Headquarters, Call God

…because you have rejected science, and science is the basis for the Fire Department. I suggest that the Reverend Pat Robertson stay in his office and call God, and order his employees not to show lack of faith in God … Continue reading

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