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Go See Serenity, Or I Will Come To Your House and Kill You; a Reasonable Editorial by Sandy Smith

So you may whine that there’s been little good at the theater this year. The blockbusters barely demolished a mailbox, let alone a block. That is about to change. Why? Because you are going to see Serenity, and you will … Continue reading

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Microsclerosis, Redmond Style

Could Microsoft be in trouble? On the surface, it seems silly, and I remind myself uncomfortably of the people who were predicting Apple’s demise when they had $4 billion in cash reserves. Microsoft has many times that amount in cash, … Continue reading

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Sandy, South Park Style

Kinda like I look nowadays, via the improved unofficial South Park studio.

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The Coolest Thing EVAR (So Far This Week)

Peep dis, yo. That’s right: an Atari 2600…not the crappy inside-a-controller version, but an officially licensed miniature version of the console with buttons instead of those stupid switches and original game controllers…for $30 US. Available at Wal*Mart (who pays better … Continue reading

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Government Failure or Political Failure?

I’ve seen (and received) arguments that what happened in the preparation for and aftermath of Katrina was a political failure, in the sense that we simply elected the wrong guys and if we just would elect the right ones, all … Continue reading

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Gruber on iTunes 5

I almost posted this morning, predicting that there would be commentary/scorn on the new iTunes interface from John Gruber, but was too busy. The interface is unlike anything else on Mac OS X–again. Sure enough, here it is, in the … Continue reading

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The Steve, He Listens to Me

So I noted Apple’s introductions yesterday long enough to determine that the “iTunes Phone” sucks donkey balls (100 songs? no matter how much memory you have? cell companies suck) but noticed that they’d released iTunes 5.0, and it has a … Continue reading

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FEMA Makes South Carolinians Look Erudite and Competent

Why? Because FEMA gave the residents of Charleston, South Carolina a half hour to prepare to receive a planeload of refugees (the plane trip from Louisiana to South Carolina is much longer than a half hour). Busses, ambulances, medical personnel, … Continue reading

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Modern Prog Rock Makes the Big Time – With Half an Ass

OK, so modern progressive rock has its own iTunes Essentials listing. Great, except there’s nothing by Spock’s Beard or echolyn, both of which are on the iTunes Music Store. Really, it’s more of a Neoprog collection, which isn’t the same … Continue reading

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More Government Failure

Radley Balko has an even more exhaustive list of government failures in the run up to hurricane Katrina. Update 9/3/05: Today he has even more, and even more depressing, enumerations of the failure, including a link to a picture of … Continue reading

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