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Canada Gets Freer

I wish the rationale were individual instead of “group” rights, but nonetheless, Canada has done a good thing by starting the process of legalizing gay marriage. Unlike Atrios or Yglesias, though, I won’t turn up my nose because of the … Continue reading

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Finally, Batman Begun Right

Sometimes, even if you’re just a vengeance-filled guy dressed as a bat, you need a bit of rebirth. I have really disliked the previous Batman movies–yes, even and especially Mr. Mom’s version. They tried to straddle both the campy and … Continue reading

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We Got Your Eminent Domain Right Here

Looks like a Supreme Court member may pay for his decision, in a near-literal sense. I’ll just link to Hit & Run’s post and what are sure to be funny, funny comments. Yep, this decision has no potential for unconstitutional … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Pitching, Anybody Want to Play Catcher?

And here’s the windup. Or to use the usual metaphor, so begins the Microsoftian Embrace of AJAX, a technology that makes rich cross-platform, cross-browser applications possible–like Google’s Gmail. Pucker your cheeks, because I think nobody at this point doubts that … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It

Here’s a post immediately following the Raich decision by Fafnir, of Fafblog, demonstrating just how stupid Yglesias was to claim it would “make it harder to regulate giant corporations”. “Insolent pot!” says Giblets. “Be more vendible!” “Giblets why are you … Continue reading

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Something to Believe In

I was IMing with Ginger today (technically yesterday) and she was intrigued by a palm reading she’d gotten from someone, and asked me what I thought about it. I replied that I’d once had a reading by a deeply committed … Continue reading

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Yglesias Has Lost His Mind

Matthew Yglesias responds to a couple of pieces by Julian Sanchez and Matt Welch questioning the response of well-known lefties (as opposed to rank and file, who seem much more divided) to Kelo vs. New London. Key quip from his … Continue reading

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Another Data Security Breach–With a Twist

In the wake of the recent high-profile security breaches of people’s credit card numbers (mine was recently stolen, but fortunately Discover caught it, froze the card, and credited me for the fraudulent transactions. Go Discover!), people might be tempted to … Continue reading

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Now I see why Hit & Run keep linking to stories via Sploid. They have attitude to spare. Try this item to see why.

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It’s Like Text Wrap–For Pictures

Dunno how unique this is or when Mac OS X got this ability, but I was looking at Wyatt’s blog with my RSS reader. It uses the Mac OS X-native WebKit technology to embed Safari’s HTML rendering in the article … Continue reading

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