Become State Department Spokesman By Talking Louder and in a Funny Accent

Just heard on the Dean Edell medical talk show (radio, so unfortunately no link): Dr. Edell in his younger days went to the Soviet Union on a Finnish bus tour, and befriended an American who was there researching the trip for a student travel publication (I’m guessing it’s the evil Let’s Go).

When they were trying to find a restaurant in then-Leningrad, his new friend would ask people on the street. How was his Russian? Nonexistent. No matter, he would simply talk loudly in a pseudo-Russian accent…in English. “Wherrre eees de restaurrrant?!?”

Who was this brilliant communicator?

Richard A. Boucher, State Department Spokesman for the Bush administration.

Oh, competence, thy name is so not Bush.

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