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Good, Cheap, Fast–pick ONE

The usual adage among self-styled technical project management gurus is, “Good, Cheap, Fast — pick two.” This means that you can have something built well and quickly, but it won’t be cheap. Or you can have it cheap and fast, … Continue reading

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You Know It’s Monday

When you get to work and before you get in the door, you drop your keys into the gigantic pile of (hopefully dog-created) scat. Give our CEO credit–he saw it and immediately got some implements and cleaned that shit up. … Continue reading

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Become State Department Spokesman By Talking Louder and in a Funny Accent

Just heard on the Dean Edell medical talk show (radio, so unfortunately no link): Dr. Edell in his younger days went to the Soviet Union on a Finnish bus tour, and befriended an American who was there researching the trip … Continue reading

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Is It Possible to Unsubscribe from Democracy for America’s List?

I have been trying almost a year to get off the Democracy for America spam list. I call it spam, as only the fact that Democracy for America is not a corporation prevents Tom Hughes from being thrown in federal … Continue reading

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Safari 1.3 — Wow

Dave Hyatt drops a bombshell and reveals that, unlike the claims of certain Windows writers, service packs are actually a closer analog to the update releases of OS X (such as the just-released 10.3.8 to 10.3.9 update). Though nearly unmentioned … Continue reading

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Consider Microsoft’s Face Smacked with an Acidic Glove

I triple-dog-dare the IE team to do this: The Web standards project has released the Acid2 test for Web browsers. It is a pretty crafty HTML+CSS test designed to ensure that browsers are properly implementing support for those standards. Every … Continue reading

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Recording Industry Killing New Music

Want to figure out what’s up with the confusing claims of piracy and whether your overpriced CDs go to fund new artists? You can do little better than reading this Register piece about Fiona Apple’s new album–or lack thereof. Seems … Continue reading

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I’m a Hero Because I’m Padding the Bat I Use to Beat My Wife!

There are few problems that Congress (or almost any legislative body) addresses that they themselves didn’t create. Case in point: Chairman of the subcommittee, Lamar Smith, criticised the Cupertino company’s failure to show up, saying: “This interoperability issue is of … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson on Terri Schiavo

Think the whole Terri Schiavo issue is brand-new, breaking new ground in philosophy? Uh-uh: Bodily decay is gloomy in prospect, but of all human contemplations the most abhorrent is body without mind. -Thomas Jefferson Go read more Thomas Jefferson quotes. … Continue reading

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Karol Wojtyla, RIP

Since I lived in Poland for a year and have felt close to the country for more than a decade now, I wanted to add my voice to the remembrances of Pope John Paul II. There were many areas where … Continue reading

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