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How Verizon Wireless Could Have Saved Some Money

So, against my better judgment and humanity’s better interests, I finally broke down and got a cell phone. My first bill arrives today. I look it over, and they nicely split out the previous partial month’s pro-rated charges as well … Continue reading

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Grammar Nazis…Attack!

People, people. advise …is a VERB. I advise you on something by giving you my… advice …which is a NOUN. You would be well advised to take my advice on this. And while we’re at it! Exclamation marks! They look … Continue reading

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Schiavo Notes

First, read the most lucid, concise summary of the Shiavo case I have yet read, courtesy of Ars Technica. This puts a lot of misinformation that has been bandied about talk radio to rest. A few highlights about the husband: … Continue reading

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Favorite Author, Favorite Artist

I just put up a poster I’ve had forever (and is slightly worse for wear) of my favorite artist (sorry, Todd), Sam Francis, of White Line (3rd painting on that link). I also recently got a collection I’d been trying … Continue reading

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If it’s not your graine, it must be migraine

So that leaves me up at this hour, but fortunately I’ve taken time to watch the new Star Wars trailer out tonight, which looks like it has much improved acting and scriptwriting and even directing, though the production values don’t … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan, The Amazing Randi, Penn Jillette, and…

fellow skeptic Wally. I became suspicious when I cried over spilt milk and the cashier took it off my bill. Brilliant. For the really curious: skeptic (A skeptic is someone who critically evaluates claims, usually of the paranormal variety, though … Continue reading

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Shiny Pretty

So my new shiny pretty is a 19-inch…monitor. LCD monitor. Specifically, a Samsung Syncmaster 193P. Quick take: I have it hooked up via DVI and at native resolution (on Macs, you can specify other resolutions even with the DVI interface). … Continue reading

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