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Not Getting It, TSA vs. Butcher Knife in Purse Edition

First off, who carries a butcher knife on a blind date, “just in case?” I really, really hope I have never been out charming a woman on a blind date on pain of death. Be that as it may, I … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Love Being Me

My only shot at ethnic coolness (and it is a long, long shot) is my Scottish ancestry (MacKinnon and McIlhatten), which is possibly swamped by my boring, roast-beef-eating, white-bread making, vegetable-boiling English ancestry. Nonetheless, it’s as close to a minority … Continue reading

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Who Does More for Society?

While I think it’s a mistake to judge your life solely by how worthwhile you perceive it to be for society rather than your own enlightened satisfaction, I still sometimes take stock. All my schooling was in the humanities, and … Continue reading

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Not Getting It, Napster Flunks Math Edition

The neutered Napster wants you to Do the Math and compare how much it takes to fill up an MP3 player on their site versus on iTunes. They claim it’s $10,000 compared to $15. How? It’s $15 a month (roughly) … Continue reading

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Red State Morality?

It’s good to know that the Red states are showing America the way to morality. I mean, sure, it seems to be popular right now to starve their children, but at least two women can’t say, “I do.” Of course, … Continue reading

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Maybe Squeak Isn’t as Stupid as I Say He Is

I have, as has been tediously pointed out in the motto above, a cinnamon cockatiel who named himself “Squeak”. He has all sorts of cutesy behaviors, and my theory was that some of his odder mannerisms came from having too … Continue reading

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Clinton Is UN Tsunami Envoy in Charge of Party Down!

The Beeb lets us know that the UN have chosen their Tsunami Relief envoy–Bill Clinton. Call me cynical (“Hi, Cynical!”) but don’t you get the immediate, gut reaction that had this been the Russian Far East tsunami disaster instead of … Continue reading

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