Switching to Windows — The Movie

Since I bang on and on about the Mac here (well, I mention it occasionally at any rate), I thought I’d give equal time to those who disagree. So, forthwith, here is a switcher story about moving from Mac to Windows.

I think liberals in particular will find the reasons compelling after the election of 2004.

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2 Responses to Switching to Windows — The Movie

  1. Denis Tan says:

    Hi, I have about 25MB of old family pictures was compressed with DiskDoubler. Back then I was using the Apple LISA.
    Unfortunately now using PCs. Is there any PC software I can expand them.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Sandy Smith says:

    Well, I think you’re demonstrating the point of that movie. 😉

    I’d look at my post (search for DiskDoubler on this blog) on the subject and take those instructions to a friend with a Mac. Or consider switching back–$500 gets you a nice Mac Mini now, and you can keep your old PC keyboard and monitor.

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