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I Want to Say ‘He’ Looks Like You

…is the quote heard upon viewing my one musical TV appearance. ‘He’ of course, being me, but about 15 years previous or so. I was blathering about a completely different set of geeky things, wearing completely different clothes, and I … Continue reading

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Jef Raskin, RIP

Jason calls attention to the news that Jef Raskin died last night. I have little to add, but as a Mac user, I wanted to point to the collection of stories about the founding of the Macintosh that have Jef … Continue reading

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Switching to Windows — The Movie

Since I bang on and on about the Mac here (well, I mention it occasionally at any rate), I thought I’d give equal time to those who disagree. So, forthwith, here is a switcher story about moving from Mac to … Continue reading

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Uncompress DiskDoubler Files on OS X

If you are an old Mac hand, as, young and vital as I am, I seem to be, you may have odd old files lying around, possibly on floppies. Assuming you can get them onto your Mac OS X system … Continue reading

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Simplication in Action

Simplicate (SIM-pli-kat), v. To make more complex by attempting to simplify. So can you read this mess? ||{B,t,w=4,s=padding:10px} !SyntaxCMS Engineering ||{B,t,w=4,s=padding:10px}Sandy Smith||{s=padding:10px}Establish SyntaxCMS RoadMap||{c,s=padding:10px}W,C||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O|| ||{s=padding:10px}Aggregate and centralize features wish list, and procedures for all staff to contribute||{c,s=padding:10px}W,C||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O|| ||{s=padding:10px}User Documentation||{c,s=padding:10px}B||{c,s=padding:10px}C v1||{c,s=padding:10px}C … Continue reading

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Good News: Royal Mail Edition

Looks like almost two centuries after the US government muscled out private competition in letter carrier services, such as Lysander Spooner’s American Letter Mail Company, the UK may offer up competition to Royal Mail a full year earlier than previously … Continue reading

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The Pain of Types in PHP

The only way to check an uncast scalar variable in PHP for being truly non-empty (i.e., not being null or an empty string (”), but allowing any valid boolean, integer, float, string, or decimal, is: ” !== $x && null … Continue reading

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10,000 work units for SETI@Home. 🙂

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Happy Birthday, Bird

And in that conversation with the aforementioned Buffi, I realized that today is my cockatiel Squeak’s arbitrarily-decided birthday. I actually got him some time in April, but it had been between 11 and 13 weeks since hatching, so I picked … Continue reading

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For various and sundry reasons, I had lost touch to varying degrees with some of my friends–some for only a year or so and others for nearly a decade. Fortunately I’ve managed to locate a couple of the better ones, … Continue reading

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