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Where I Have Been (Lemminglike Meme-Reflex)

Countries I Have Visited create your own visited countries map Geez, I think of myself as well-traveled, but look how frigid and white my travels have been! U.S. States I Have Visited create your own visited states map or check … Continue reading

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Could There Be a God?

Could there be a god? Is my lack of faith misplaced? This report made me question my non-faith: Scientists at Okayama University in Japan have rather agreeably discovered that unidentified compounds in lager and stout may help to prevent DNA … Continue reading

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Quoth the Robot, ‘Sandstorm’

So I’m in Qatar again, and I thought we’d had a sandstorm already. I was wrong. This still isn’t the red death that our troops in Iraq faced, but it’s this foggy haze that leaves a smell in the air … Continue reading

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Windows XP Is the Most Stable Microsoft OS EVAR, But That’s Not Saying Much

Apparently, even Bill Gates can’t count on rock-solid XP performance. Always remember to sacrifice to the demo gods. They can visit their anger on you even if you are worth more than, say, Luxembourg.

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