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This Post Is Annoying

For similar reasons to this post, this post is annoying. And, to make sure my example is all cool and deconstructionist, this very post you’re reading would annoy me were I reading it and not writing it. Why? Because I … Continue reading

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Is Ignorance of the Law Still Not an Excuse?

The Federal Register at some point in 2003 hit a record 75,606 pages. There are now several hundred years of common law in effect. There were 187,017 patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2003 alone. It … Continue reading

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Is It Indecency or a First Amendment Loophole?

CNN reports that a talk show host has been fired for alleged obscenity. However, the radio host did this while criticizing local legislators who were taking action against a political group that, among other things, funded his show and were … Continue reading

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Markets in Manipulation

Over at the ever-interesting Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen notes the widely-reported story of a woman who put her father’s ghost on eBay. This sparked the realization in me that market behavior can explain children’s bad behavoir. Here’s the woman’s rationale … Continue reading

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