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When Will the First ‘Broken Window’ Fallacy Be Written About South Asia?

I’m not an economist, but I did specialize a bit in international political economy in grad school, and I read a couple of economics blogs, so I have learned a couple of home truths. One is that with every disaster, … Continue reading

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Offshoring Becomes Less Attractive

Suddenly, lots of CEOs are probably rethinking how much they want to acquire hordes of Indian programmers, since they might get arrested for cooperating with the police there.

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Poland Staves Off the Hordes From Europe…Again

Well, looks like Poland has (temporarily, at least) saved Western civilization by stopping the EU software patent directive. The first time was more than 500 years ago at the Battle of Vienna, when the King of Poland defeated the forces … Continue reading

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Monsoon or Drought

…or at least, that’s the way my blogging has been lately. But then lately I’ve been a codin’ fool. Hopefully before long I’ll have a non-work site I can point to and (no, not laugh) talk about exactly what went … Continue reading

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The First Rule of the Mormon Church Is, You Don’t Talk About the Mormon Church

In that hopping fun-o-land known as Utah, the Mormon Church has “disfellowshipped” a member for writing an allegedly historically accurate portrayal of Joseph Smith’s founding of the Mormon Church. This smacks much of other recent religions, such as Scientology and … Continue reading

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Only My Hairdresser Knows for Sure

Don Boudreaux makes a cutsie analogy about trade deficits by comparing country or state deficits with hair color deficits. After all if random group X has to worry, why not random group Y? However, this part gave me pause: Now … Continue reading

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Rumsfeld Shirks His Responsibility

Now I’ve seen a furious debate over the question Spc. Wilson asked Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. Both sides have good points: the fact that so many soldiers cheered means that there’s a HUGE morale problem. But it’s also true that there’s … Continue reading

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It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother School Official

I love the trend of making illegal anything that looks like something naughty, but isn’t. One example from Louisiana is small cups of Jell-O being distributed (unclear whether they were sold or given away from various reports) looking too much … Continue reading

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Laptop Prophylaxis

Um, dude–I have bad news. If you’re using your laptop in your lap enough to reduce your fertility, you probably don’t have much of an opportunity to, um, fertilize anybody. Plus it’s the usual one-study two-step that the press likes, … Continue reading

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Finally, Europeans Discover the Usefulness of Scaremongering

So, despite US efforts to eradicate their crop, Colombian farmers are growing as much coca as ever. So if you’re in Europe, looking for a new angle on the Drug Menace, what do you do? Conflate it with the ‘Frankenfood’ … Continue reading

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