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Too Stupid to Live

I hope I’m missing some key piece of information, but it looks like Darwin has claimed three women who called a friend instead of 911 when their SUV (natch) went into a river. OK, panic reaction, you call the first … Continue reading

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Despite This, I Still Think You Should Get a Mac

The Beeb has a piece describing how Macintoshes were used to clean up the original Star Wars Trilogy. In this case, literally, as the main problem seemed to be dirt. John Lowry, CEO of Lowry Images, says the biggest single … Continue reading

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Alcohol Freedom Index

My brother and I were co-ranting about some of the injustices of state alcohol restrictions, when I casually mentioned that it would be great to have an Alcohol Freedom Index so states could be ranked by the freedom you have … Continue reading

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What a Crappy Investment

According to CNN: LONDON, England — A 1,200-year-old Anglo-Saxon penny has sold for �230,000 ($409,000), setting what the auction house said was a new world record for the most expensive British coin. Curious, I put in a penny in a … Continue reading

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The Economics of Open Source Software

At Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux writes about cheaper versus costless goods, and how costless is better than cheaper for the overall economy. His main point is about eliminating some of the fear over global trade, but I noticed it’s a … Continue reading

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I Will Not Share the Road

I will not share the road with bicyclists until I see at least one per month actually attempt to share the road with me. This means I want to see them stop for stop signs and red lights, and actually … Continue reading

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