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One Way I Don’t Hate Canada

For a while I thought that Canadians had nothing in common except the fact nobody there, with the exception of a boatload of hippies, was American. I whimiscally decided that, in order to be taken seriously, a country needs someone … Continue reading

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Finally, I Break My Silence on the Swift Boats Thingy

I know, gentle readers, that you have been anxiously awaiting my take on the entire Swift Boat Thingy. I have been wondering how to put my thoughts into words, but now, thankfully, Jesse Walker has done it for me. Please … Continue reading

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Planes Down, Grozny Rebel Attack in Russia

Looks like terrorism may be reaching Russia, as the same day that 250 rebels are staging an attack on Grozny in advance of Putin’s weekend visit there, two planes from the same airport have disappeared from radar within minutes of … Continue reading

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Restaurant Recommendation: Mark’s Duck House

Mark’s Duck House took me a bit to find but it saves me from having to schlep to Rockville every time I want good dim sum. Unfortunately it only serves dim sum on the weekend, but it’s worth it. I’ve … Continue reading

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XBox? Try Solitaire for Violence!

As this article suggests, instead of maligning the XBox with motives for killing, try Solitaire, the game that Microsoft puts on every computer that runs its operating system! Of course, the headlines are about the Olympics, and the XBox killings … Continue reading

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China — Kyoto’s Dirty Big Secret

The Adam Smith Institute has a good summary of China’s role in your pain at the pump. In even more brief, China’s increasing energy usage is outstripping supply, and will continue to drive up fossil fuel prices. Unfortunately, China is … Continue reading

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A Guy Goes Into a Housebuilder’s Office…

…and the housebuilder says, “Hey, your new house is just about done, here are some pictures from the construction. We just need to finish painting and everything will be ready.” The customer says, “That’s great, but I think we need … Continue reading

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