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And Now, a Word from My Sponsor: Syntax

Work-related news: My company just officially released Syntax CMS to the world as open source. It took rather a bit of effort to clean it up and get it to the point we thought it releaseworthy. It’s still not perfect, … Continue reading

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Mountain Man

So after returning from NEARFest, I bummed around a day or so (including a trip to the very cool Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air & Space Museum at Dulles). Then I headed off to do something I’ve always wanted … Continue reading

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Beer Trials

I’ve been on a beer exploration binge trend recently–a beer every couple of days or so. So far: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout: Tasty, though a bit rich and sugary (for a beer). Dessert beer, if such a thing can exist. … Continue reading

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Oh, No! Not the Support Team! They’re Ruthless!

That’s right. Not a “Ruth” among ’em.

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NEARFest: Progressive Rock in Pennsylvania

I went to NEARFest again this year, and it was overall more pleasant than last year, though attenuated in every sense. It wasn’t as loud (good), the seating wasn’t even close to as uncomfortable (good), the food wasn’t as good … Continue reading

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Vacation-type Behavior

I’m back. Miss me? Me neither. I did a couple of things, such as go to a prog rock festival and to the mountains of North Carolina. I’ll cover each in their own post, but this is mainly to announce … Continue reading

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Group Pizza Behavior

I can’t count the number of times this scenario has happened to me in a group lunch setting. Random Person: “Let’s get Pizza! What would everybody like?” Me: “Just a plain pepperoni is fine.” Significant Majority of Group Who are … Continue reading

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Not Getting It, Eric Meyer Edition, Plus Sanity from the WaSP

Eric Meyer still doesn’t get it. He wants anything that hasn’t been approved out of HTML, or there will be hell to pay! Of course, the theorist in me is quivering in outrage. The browser-wars veteran isn’t too thrilled either. … Continue reading

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Anti-Bush: VaPo Sez I’m Just in it for the Chix

I’m loath to disagree with Virginia Postrel–she’s extremely bright and a great writer, as well as putting out the best issues Reason has ever seen–plus she is a total babe…but I digress. In this post questioning the motives of Kerry-leaning … Continue reading

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National Security Getting Convenient–for the Government

CNN has a story about an FBI contract translator’s wrongful dismissal case being dismissed because the evidence needed to prove the case one way or the other is secret. Now, having at one time held a piddling Secret clearance, I … Continue reading

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