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Why I Won’t Be Seeing Fahrenheit 9/11

I was going to write something about how, even though I think in retrospect I was stupid to assume the Bush administration knew anything about Iraq that your average PoliSci undergrad didn’t, I’m not going to bother to see Fahrenheit … Continue reading

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Fun With Spam–ADIS Edition

Why, indeed, did I tell every one this poor being had ADIS? ADIS is one of the scourges of the palnet!

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TSA Learns NOTHING from 9/11

This entry in the Washington Times about flight attendants still being trained to submit to hijackers has made me more angry than anything I’ve seen in a long time. Exactly how big of an idiot do you have to be … Continue reading

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Camino 0.8 Is Out

My default browser at home (at work I now use Firefox for its Web Developer toolbar), Camino, has just hit the 0.8 release. I’m using it and it’s faster than Firefox and quite stable. Plus it has a nifty “tabgroup” … Continue reading

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An Open Letter from Paul Wolfowitz to the Beheaders

Thank you. No, really. I mean it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Things were starting to look bad there for a while, what with Spain leaving what little of a coalition we had and John Kerry gaining … Continue reading

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Ouch. Ouch Ouch Ouch.

So my illustrious friend and coworker Oscar is getting married on Saturday, so last night I went to my first-ever bachelor party. For some reason, every wedding I’ve been associated with has been through the female, and, well, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Why I Ditched Salon from My RSS Aggregator

No, it wasn’t the extremely self-involved whiny “think pieces” from the factory-like Salon™ writing workshops that they release upon the planet like a plague of bombastic locusts. No, it wasn’t the fact that it’s the Fox News of the Left. … Continue reading

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Lech Walesa vs. George W. Bush

In his blog post about Poles liking Ronald Reagan more than we do, Tyler Cowen writes: The irony is that Lech Walesa, author of these words, remains far more popular in the United States than in his native Poland. Taxi … Continue reading

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Conservatives and the Government Impulse

Looks like I made my comments about modern conservatives being a bunch of dirty statists none too soon. Senator Rick Santorum is enabling religious types to ‘take advantage’ of their freedom to practice whatever religion they want, whenever they want, … Continue reading

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Election Day (extremely) Redux

So I did my bit to fend off the Visigoths today at my local polling place, and I’m afraid things don’t look good for Andy Rosenberg, challenger to Jim Moran, the incumbent possible anti-semite and generally embarrassing guy, about whom … Continue reading

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