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Ack! I’m Behind on Updates!

Somehow while perusing VersionTracker yesterday, I got distracted by Apple-flavored goodies and missed my second-favorite text editor’s release (no, I don’t mean pico). SubEthaEdit is now at 2.0. This thing is seriously cool, especially as it lets you do pair … Continue reading

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Honk Da Horn for Camino 0.8b

With every other browser release being trumpeted, I thought I’d take the opportunity to help plug what is still my default browser, Camino. They’ve released 0.8 beta, and it could use some pounding on to hammer out the last bugs … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Why, It Just Sounded Good

I downloaded the latest update to Apple’s GarageBand to see if it would fix some problems I had importing loops I’d made using Apple’s Soundtrack Loop Utility, part of the AppleLoop SDK (available free). It turns out that I’d had … Continue reading

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With a Last Name Like Smith, This Shouldn’t Be Surprising

Egads: Jolly good, wot! Anyone for tennis? That’ll be ten ponies, guv. You’re the epitome of everything that is english. Yey 🙂 Hoist that Union Jack! How British are you? this quiz was made by alanna

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Boucher and Doolittle Get Personal Use of Music

The thieving bastards over at the RIAA have been trying to find any way they can to punish everybody except the thieving bastards that are their teen customers for a while now. The thieving bastards (RIAA edition) have tried to … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Worry About Indian Programmers TAKIN’ MAH JAHB!

As a little-known proponent of globalization, I’m rarely asked, “Sandy, you work in the Internet biz. Doesn’t it make it odd that you still support free trade, or is it just because your ox has yet to be gored?” I’m … Continue reading

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Not Getting It, Nick Berg, RIP, Edition

There are many folks around the Net saying that Nick Berg is the “first casualty of prisoner abuse.” I won’t bother linking to them, as I think you can find a truckload at any political, news, or other opinion site … Continue reading

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Libertarian Dilemma Resolved

Brian Kieffer has a resolution for the libertarian dilemma.

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More ‘Semantic’ Code

So Eric Meyer is trumpeting the Blogger redesign. I have a couple of notes. It seems like this confirms that XHTML+CSS is not for casual professionals or consumers anymore. Either you have to be a hardcore hobbyist or a professional … Continue reading

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Best. News Photo. Ever.

Sure, Jason may have the Best Screen Capture Evar, but I think this one from the AP, as seen on CNN is a strong candidate for Best (and most emotionally accurate) News Photo EVAR: “Software Developers of de Night! Come … Continue reading

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