Putting ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Into Perspective

Quote about The Day After Tomorrow’s science:

Even one of the movie’s admirers, Friends of the Earth Director Tony Juniper, concedes that "the depiction of the science is exaggerated and at times misleading."

If The Day After Tomorrow were about economics:

A ten-cent increase in the federal minimum wage casts millions of blacks and Hispanics into permanent unemployment and despair; all of the unemployed women scrape up pennies by offering themselves as prostitutes, while all of the unemployed men swarm to the suburbs to rape soccer-moms and then riot so violently in the cities that the Empire State building, the U.S. Capitol, the Sears Tower, and the Bank of America building all crash violently to the ground, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, including a kindly book-peddler specializing in works by and about Ayn Rand.

And, to put it into perspective:

I’m confident that, should any such silly movie ever be made, no president of a market-oriented thinktank would say about it that "the depiction of the economics is exaggerated and at times misleading, but the scale of the threat and the underlying politics are all too true."

Read all the economic disaster scenarios; they’re pretty funny.

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