OS X Ready for Jason’s Home Desktop

A while ago, when OS X 10.3 came out, I noted that it had fixed a long-standing bug which finally made OS X ready for the corporate desktop.

A certain wag said that the only thing holding people back from widespread adoption was Battlefield 1942.

Taste game, Jason!

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5 Responses to OS X Ready for Jason’s Home Desktop

  1. Heh, just in time for the PC world to have moved on to Battlefield Vietnam:



  2. Sandy Smith says:

    Yes, but you’re going to lose and commit war crimes. Isn’t it better to only fight good wars?

  3. Who says you’re going to lose? I make a point of frequently playing as the NVA 🙂

    (Not to say they didn’t commit their share of war crimes… dammit, talking about games is getting complicated.)

  4. Dave-O-Rama says:

    I got the gone-to-canada hippy freak-out expansion module, so I’m home free. Except in exile. But exile in Canada is just like being in America but colder, and polite. Except for Loonies. Those things freak me out. Which works out well with the gone-to-canada hippy freak-out expansion module.

    Yea for me.

  5. Dave-O-Rama says:

    Not too sure about these colors, either. The very light blue of the actual blog part is so imperceptibly different from the surrounding white (at least on my monitor) that my eyes keep trying to find the white/pale-blue demarcation line, which distracts from the actual reading.

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