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So Where’s the News about the Congo?

I’ve been pretty critical of the U.S. occupation in Iraq, but it sounds like there are other stories of occupation/peacekeeping gone bad. On Friday a UN helicopter gunship fired a rocket at supporters of former rebel commander Col Jules Mutebusi. … Continue reading

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Putting ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Into Perspective

Quote about The Day After Tomorrow’s science: Even one of the movie’s admirers, Friends of the Earth Director Tony Juniper, concedes that "the depiction of the science is exaggerated and at times misleading." If The Day After Tomorrow were about … Continue reading

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Hey! Self-signed SSL Certificates for IMAP Can Be Added to the Keychain in 10.3.3!

I’ve had a problem with OS X’s popping up an “Unable to verify certificate–do you want to proceed anyway?” message every time I open it and it connects to our company’s SSL-encrypted IMAP authentication with a self-signed certificate. It … Continue reading

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George Bush Poll Number Alert Level: Orange

So John Ashcroft is warning us all of terrorist attacks, but as my bright friend Oscar noted, “Why hasn’t the color-coded alert level gone up if there’s this big threat?” To which I responded, “Bush Poll Number Threat Level: High.” … Continue reading

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I’m an Atheist, and I Find the Following Very Stupid

The ACLU wants to remove part of LA County’s seal because it’s religious. Los Angeles county has a religous symbol? These stupid right wingers and their crusades against any representation of Greek religi- Oh, wait, you mean that’s not what … Continue reading

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Richard Biggs, RIP

Richard Biggs died Saturday. I mainly care because he played Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5, the best TV science fiction show at least since Earth 2 and probably since the first season of Battlestar Galactica. And, from what I’ve … Continue reading

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Answer: Playground Beatings

Tyler Cowen exposes the fact that girls are more likely to recieve creative names than boys. He then wonders: [I]t remains a mystery why parents take more chances with the names of their baby girls. He also remembers when his … Continue reading

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Mac Usage 101: Don’t Whine

Over at MacNN, they cite an SF Gate opinion piece by a Muslim woman who uses a Mac. In it, she makes this rather startling statement: As every Mac user knows, suggesting a Mac product to a PC-using friend may … Continue reading

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100th Post Celebrated with Conventional Song

So this is my 100th post, and it caused me to break out in song. Well, OK, I just finished a guitar-based experiment in GarageBand, but hey, let’s pretend. Plus it satiates Vivian’s desire for new posts. So I titled … Continue reading

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OS X Ready for Jason’s Home Desktop

A while ago, when OS X 10.3 came out, I noted that it had fixed a long-standing bug which finally made OS X ready for the corporate desktop. A certain wag said that the only thing holding people back from … Continue reading

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