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They Don’t Like Us Much

A BBC Poll reveals that the U.S. and globalization is viewed as more harmful than terrorism and war. Now, the in this country we haven’t had a stellar 4 years (or 60), but in general, we’re just not that bad, … Continue reading

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Educated People Aren’t Introspective

In Salon, a woman learns her therapist likes Rush Limbaugh and freaks out. Make this her PhD-having urban Jewish therapist. The writer doesn’t learn this at first, of course–she has several months of insightful therapy (so she says), then in … Continue reading

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Disappearing text in IE 6 Fixed, Thanks Jason

So with some gracious help from Jason Lefkowitz, I’ve fixed the IE 6 problem noted below. Just so you know what it was in case you don’t think to yourself, “Self, instead of spending two hours on this, I’m going … Continue reading

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Hidden Assumptions of CSS Zealots

I’ve been in an argument on a discussion list with a CSS Zealot. They’re the kind, like the Web Standards Project, or Zeldman, or even sometimes Eric Meyer who say that using W3C-approved code in a certain way is not … Continue reading

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Fun With Virus Writers, Yet Again

So Symantec tells me a file I never submitted contains a virus, so I’d better run this application to “clean” it. And to think how many morons will go ahead and do it anyway.

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Glug, glug

Tyler Cowen cites others who compare the cost of gasoline to other commonly-purchased items. I’d just like to add to the list bottled water, which is the biggest ripoff I’ve ever seen. If the highest gas prices in the US … Continue reading

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“It’s New” Is a Lame Excuse 4 Years Later

In this article in which Jeffrey Zeldman muses on why he struggles to do XHTML + CSS design despite the fact that it’s taking him a hell of a lot longer than it would have previously, he offers up this … Continue reading

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