Classical Music != Classical Liberal Economics

I’d just like to say that Tyler Cowen knows economics, but does Tyler know classical music? No.

Well, he’s probably pretty well versed in it, but:

  1. He links to an article that is attempting badly to be both humerous and controversial
  2. He then disagrees with things that no rational actor should, perhaps endangering a few political science and economics models

In my dark past, I acheived a degree in music. There, I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again. I don’t care. Anyway, it gives me license to make these sorts of catty comments that only one of the annointed can make. And link to the article in what would be a blatant act of hypocrisy for you mere mortals who didn’t waste *cough*5 years*cough* in getting a degree.

As to the article itself? I’m feeding the troll, but…

  1. Kinda.
  2. Think you’re reacting to the name, but…kinda.
  3. Mostly, yeah.
  4. No, though most people don’t.
  5. This is an Undeniable Fact of Life, Holy Writ, Should Be Inscribed in Stone Somewhere. A Really Hard, Chemically Inert Stone.
  6. Meh.
  7. You’re overlooking the overuse of tremolo. Everything else is secondary.
  8. Bullshit.
  9. Thanks for proving my point about Stalin apologists, commie.
  10. So don’t listen, bitch.
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2 Responses to Classical Music != Classical Liberal Economics

  1. Sandy Smith says:

    And yes, I’m aware that this is also an article that is attempting badly to be both humerous and controversial.

  2. Dennis says:

    Meh?-you sound like a billy goat! And Liszt IS TRASH!

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