California Droolin’

So, say you’re an idiot and you’re concerned about Google’s Gmail privacy. But I repeat myself. Say you are such an idiot and you are in the California Assembly. Well, you get the drill.

Anyway, one such Einstein is sponsoring a bill to block Google’s new E-mail service in California. Hmmm…is it because she’s merely an idiot, or is she corrupt? I would dearly love to look at a list of her contributors. I expect to see Microsoft on there, possibly Yahoo.

Two massive problems with this:

First, you are free to choose from other e-mail services that are free (though also ad-supported). So if privacy is a problem, there are ready-made solutions without the wire Mommy getting involved.

Second, Google anonymously parses ads already with its AdSense technology, and I can assure you that programmers on a deadline and with performance limitations don’t hold on to that data…and guess what–any of these free e-mail services that you use store the e-mails on…wait for it…their server, where they can search and read it to their heart’s content without you even knowing.

Yeah, that’s right. You’ve given up your privacy long before Google used a program to parse it to give you ads in its database that contain similar keywords.

Take a look on many popular blogs and you’ll see that lots of people are voluntarily putting this technology on their sites…and the results are sometimes hilarious.

Update: Thanks to Jason Lefkowitz, I am now able to correct the sex of the legislator and determine that she may be an idiot, but she’s taking money from Microsoft. Though she’s mainly the bitch of the health insurance industry, she’s doing Microsoft’s monopoly work for them.

Further Update: Boy, she’s evil. From that same document: RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC. $1,500.00

She hasn’t met a monopoly or price-fixing cartel she doesn’t like!

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4 Responses to California Droolin’

  1. “Hmmm…is it because he’s merely an idiot, or is he corrupt? I would dearly love to look at a list of his contributors.”

    It’s not a him, it’s a her (State Sen. Liz Figuroa). And presto, your wish is granted:

  2. Ginger says:

    But don’t you libertarians like monopolies? Or at least side with them?

  3. Sandy Smith says:

    I used to think that natural monopolies were fine but almost unheard of without government support. AT&T, the railroad barons, ALCOA, etc. had quite a lot of government help to grow as big as they did.

    However, Microsoft has convinced me that a) it can happen through people’s stupidity (actually they piggybacked on IBM’s monopoly on business machines, though to what extent the government was involved, I don’t know), and b) it is bad for consumers and the market when it does.

    But yes, some libertarians are relentless Microsoft defenders as they confuse pro-business with pro-market. The two aren’t the same.

  4. Ginger says:

    Hey Sandy, update your blog with some Qatar tidbits. Include photos.

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