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Blogs, Wikis, and Economics

Alex Singleton at the Adam Smith Institute has an interesting comparison of blogs and wikis by viewing them as economic systems. Their analysis is not without problems, but it’s a good thought exercise. Blogs are decentralized and competitive. They are … Continue reading

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Two Nights, Two Good Movies

In the last two nights, a buddy and I got some pent-up moviegoing out of our system, so at Shirlington (which has really gone downhill) we saw Goodbye, Lenin! and then at Bethesda Row (very nice, especially by comparison) we … Continue reading

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We’re Low on Howitzers?!?!

WTF? The Army is recalling some 105mm light howitzers it lent to some ski resorts…not because it can’t afford to waste them when budgets are tight–but because they need them in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’re out of howitzers? OK, I … Continue reading

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I’m Not Alone

Turns out the U.S. government also thinks its screeners are no better than the mall cops who went before. The inspector general’s report, as well as a study by the GAO portrayed the TSA as an unresponsive, inflexible bureaucracy that … Continue reading

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Qatar – Cutter – Gkuhtar

So I heard the name “Qatar” pronounced several different ways by Arabic speakers while there for work, and I think the last was the most common. I had some very nice food, met some nice people, and generally had a … Continue reading

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Irony, Thy Name is British Airways

So I just flew in from Qatar, and boy is my rear tired. I’ll blog a little bit more about it (yes, Ginger, with pictures), but I just wanted to highlight a little absurdist French farce put on by British … Continue reading

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California Droolin’

So, say you’re an idiot and you’re concerned about Google’s Gmail privacy. But I repeat myself. Say you are such an idiot and you are in the California Assembly. Well, you get the drill. Anyway, one such Einstein is sponsoring … Continue reading

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Classical Music != Classical Liberal Economics

I’d just like to say that Tyler Cowen knows economics, but does Tyler know classical music? No. Well, he’s probably pretty well versed in it, but: He links to an article that is attempting badly to be both humerous and … Continue reading

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Fun with the Federal Budget, Kids!

If you think you can do better than the current or past administrations, get yer deficit on with this Federal Budget Simulator. I managed to create a surplus mainly on the backs of old people, the military, and agriculture. I … Continue reading

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MS Surprised by Security Problems?

Craig Newmark over at Marginal Revolution wonders whether Microsoft isn’t getting bashed for what it fails to bundle as well as what it bundles. The idea is that security software should come with Windows, but that would be bundling. At … Continue reading

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