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Where Are the Environmentalists in the Democratic Party?

Despite the current demagoguery about gas prices, it turns out that gas prices aren’t really at their highest level ever if you account for inflation. However, they are rising, partly due to the annual price rise as refineries switch to … Continue reading

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And Another Thing Or Two About Bundling

I totally missed another couple of fallacies in Alex Tabarrok’s Marginal Revolution post on Microsoft and bundling. First, let me start with his take on the EU ruling against Microsoft: This explains why the European directive requiring Microsoft to sell … Continue reading

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How Netscape 4 Won the Browser War

Alex Tabarrok bravely, but mistakenly, tries to make the case that Microsoft’s leveraging of its desktop monopoly to monopolize the browser and other markets is a good thing. He’s wrong on two points. First, the less obvious one, which will … Continue reading

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How to Make the Complex Simple

“Shut up,” I explained.

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God Hates Kittens

A Four-Eared Kitten is proof of Gods disdain for these creatures from Germany. Can a Four-Assed Monkey be far behind?

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You cannot do that!

Still more fun with virus writers: Oh, no, I cannot? They are shocked! I must open this document! I must have sent it accidentally, you know–that stuff about Suzie’s totally ugly shoes!

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More Fun With Virus Writers

The subject was “Re: Question”. Here’s the raw code, so you can see stuff hidden from you normally, like whether that’s really a Word document: ——=_NextPart_000_0016—-=_NextPart_000_0016 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”Windows-1252″ Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit I have attached the sample. +++ Attachment: No Virus … Continue reading

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But I Don’t Have a Garage

So, I finally went and bought iLife, or as I call it, GarageBand. I may, at some point, make use of iPhoto, but mainly I considered it spending $50 on a well-reviewed entry-level sequencer/loop/recording app. I haven’t yet had much … Continue reading

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Poland Critical of WMD Argument, but Maintains Troop Commitment

Looks like Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski has publically criticized the Bush administration’s WMD justification for war in Iraq. However, they are not planning on pulling out troops. Partially this is a “well, duh” moment, but when as staunch an ally … Continue reading

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Shock Therapy–Good for the Heart

Over at Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cohen cites a paper that contrasts health data in Russia and the former Soviet Union with Poland and the Eastern Bloc countries that were essentially captured by Russia at the end of the Second World … Continue reading

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