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Good PM 101: Involve Your Project Team Early and Often

One thing I really love in a project manager is bringing me in early, preferably before they even talk to a client, and then keeping me in the loop along the way. While I’m not a fan of time-interrupting meetings, … Continue reading

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Marathoners, Stoners, and Other No-Good Drug Addicts

In a UC/Irvine and Georgia Institute of Technology study, it was found that intense exercize causes anandamide, a chemical similar to the intoxicating agent in marijuana. This may be the source of “runner’s high” that people like Jim Fixx liked … Continue reading

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What I Watched On TV Last Night, Part XMLIV

So I finally bowed to the peer pressure I’ve been getting for the last year and watched “Old School” on TV at a friend’s house last night. Y-y-a-a-awn. This is the lifetime performance of the usually unfunny Will Farrel? Really? … Continue reading

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2004 Starts Off Inauspiciously

Well, here I am on an unseasonably warm Saturday in January, at work. Oh, and more soldiers have been killed in Iraq in what look like continuing attacks. Sure, I mean, that is much more tragic and important by comparison … Continue reading

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