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TSA: Live Fish no, Dead Guy in Plane, yes

So does the TSA do anything besides harass people for bringing fish, which are legal according to TSA’s own website? Well, they certainly don’t inspect planes coming in from out of the country for contraband in wheel wells. It took … Continue reading

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Political Identity

If, like me, you find the concept of political identity–where you are on what sort of political spectrum there might be–fascinating, this article by Jonathan Delacour will be a good read. It inspired two thoughts in me: 1) Quoth Jonathan: … Continue reading

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TSA Helps Terrorists

By indulging in petty little empire-building absolutist cruelty, the TSA is removing what respect anyone had for their mission. In the linked story (chapeau tip: Jason Lefkowitz), a woman is ordered by the TSA to flush her pet fish because … Continue reading

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Do What is Right, Not Popular

…and in this case I don’t mean Right politically, though there was a time when the political Right would agree with me on this issue, but “right” as in “morally correct.” Patriot II was passed. What? You didn’t know this? … Continue reading

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Give The Iraqis the First Shot

So I experience a sudden bout of sleeplessness, and decide to get my morning browsing out of the way. On my aggregator, Salon’s entries are up. I usually cruise them, if nothing else to see what reverse-Dr.-Laura advice their “relationship” … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica: The Reminder

Just a reminder, if you didn’t see the miniseries before, it is being aired Sunday (today likely by the time you read this) in its entirety at 7PM Eastern on the Sci Fi channel. If nothing else, watch for the … Continue reading

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U.S. Postal Service Broken, part 2,659

Ever since Lysander “Sandy” Spooner pointed out some legal and practical problems with the Postal Service monopoly, people have been pointing out that even full-bore Communist countries do a better job with the mails, and even if Socialism works over … Continue reading

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Why I Love My Home

I was born in Virginia and, despite years of exile in South Carolina, still consider myself more Virginian than anything else. This story validates my warm feelings toward the Old Dominion. Granted, it’s the Commonwealth’s Attorney General shoring up the … Continue reading

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At Least I Didn’t Think “Truck”

I have a nasty habit of assuming that anything like a bang or rumble that I feel is a truck. A truck backing into something, a truck going by, a truck changing gears…doesn’t matter. I have mistaken a plane flying … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica – Surprise, it doesn’t suck

OK, it’s just the first installment, but color me very pleasantly surprised by the Sci-Fi channel‘s mini-series remake of Battlestar Galactica. I highly recommend it. This show was near and dear to me in the Great Cultural and In Particular … Continue reading

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