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I Love Bureaucrash

These guys make me look like a rampaging liberal. Check out their counter-protests…they really highlight the level of “analysis” that pervades the anti-globalization movement.

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Libertarians Matter

To those in the Democratic Party that say derisively, “oooh, we could get the libertarian vote–both of them,” and to those in the Republican Party who similarly sneer at losing such support, consider this little passage from a piece in … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Ready for Corporate Desktop

OK, the thing that had been holding me back from recommending Mac OS X for the corporate desktop has been fixed. You can, as of OS X 10.3 (since updated to 10.3.1), drag a SMB-mounted shared volume (equivalent to the … Continue reading

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Something about which to blog, briefly. Church Sign Generator. Fun. Here’s my contribution:

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