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What a Windows User Sees in iTunes

Over at his long-established blog (I’m such a second mover), Jason Lefkowitz, friend, colleague, and raconteur extraordinaire, has downloaded, tried, and reviewed the much-ballyhooed iTunes for Windows that swirled out of the mists of the RDF (not that RDF) today … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Dilemma

This article on Reason’s blog is interesting, not merely for the article they tout by Julian Sanchez on the appeal of Howard Dean for libertarians. Count me as one libertarian (small L, I tend to vote for the Libertarian party … Continue reading

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I Wash My Hands…

Attention UK, or for that matter, any interested party anywhere in the world, or perhaps some superintelligent alien who is watching this and doubting we are above amoeboid intellect based on this spectacle, let me just say that any right-thinking … Continue reading

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Net Present Value Considered EXTREMELY Harmful

This article in the Financial Times uses distinctions in economic theory to talk a man out of suicide. Presumably you are contemplating suicide for the usual reason: a net-present-value calculation suggests that the future benefits of living are outweighed by … Continue reading

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The Debatey Bunch

I wrote this. Treat this post as a confessional more than a publication.

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Watch a Spleen Explode in Near-Real Time

That loud report you heard at 1:11AM Monday morning was the spleen of my colleague Jason exploding over poorly-implemented e-voting technology and the officials who buy anything a Lyle Lanley-like character sells. A little bit ago, a relative of mine … Continue reading

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First Past the Post

So this is, um, like a blog, and, um, totally unlike every other “here’s my job aren’t I so smart I hate my job my lover is a jerk ooh look how cute my cat is” screed on the planet. … Continue reading

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