Supporting My Theory…

This report on MacNN confirms what everybody’s known but for whatever reason have been reluctant to shout from the rooftops: iTMS is to sell iPods.

I would also suggest that the Aqua-like feel of iTunes for Windows is not coincidental, either, and is part of a deliberate strategy to give Windows users a taste of a truly lickable user experience, and thus create some more switchers.

Especially since the new accessories for the iPod from Belkin will make the most sense on a Mac, particularly the digital camera card reader, which integrates with the Mac-only iPhoto–a handy utility that I’ve been surprised to find myself using more and more, and would use even more if I got a digital camera. 😉

Another entry on MacNN reveals that the Savoy Music Group will increase iTMS’s woeful jazz selection. Classics and modern stuff included.

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  1. Ladrón de Almuerzos says:

    a taste of a truly lickable user experience

    I’m not NOT licking user interfaces…

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