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Ways To Tell If Your Neighborhood is Gentrifying: #143

…the little round disk of litter on the ground isn’t a used condom, but the top of a wine bottle wrapper.

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Hypocrisy of Tableless Design Advocates

So you’ve got a site and you want to say how great “standards” are, and “standards” now means that a certain way of developing things is better than another, equally standards-compliant way. Tables, they opine, are bad for layout, despite … Continue reading

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Panther Attacks, I Relax and Enjoy (ewwww)

So I got my copy of Panther a day early, but took my time backing everything up and installing it due to the general crappitude of a cold that preceded it. Nonetheless, there are a couple of cool things I’ve … Continue reading

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What To Do With a Cold

…feed it, starve it, or blog? At the moment, it’s blogging. The other thing has been watching martial arts flix. I’ve been in that annoying phase of the cold where I have a general feeling of crapitude, but not sufficiently … Continue reading

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iTunes Gets a Convert

(Now Playing: Bi Kyo Ran, “Ran Part II”, Go-Un–I love my collection) Funnily enough, I’m not even that into iTunes. I think it’s a swell jukebox player, but I haven’t gotten sufficiently involved that I’ve actually bought anything from the … Continue reading

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Ask, And Ye Shall (Partially) Receive

MacMinute is reporting that an article in a paid subscription music industry rag claims Apple will be releasing “iTunes Producer” to make it easier to submit music to Apple. Whoah? Apple making iTunes the vehicle for my garage band to … Continue reading

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Beautiful Moments in Technology

So, Joe Schmoe‘s resolution having been delayed a week in favor of the Flagging Magazine Subscription Awards ’03, I turned on the leaden USA remake of the DC Sniper Shootings (which I was peripherally involved in, having spent the worst … Continue reading

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Annoying Religiosity

I am not religious, but I try not to force said lack of religiosity on anyone. Likewise, I really appreciate religions that do not try to force themselves on others (Judaism, most Bhuddist sects, etc.). I really, really do not … Continue reading

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Bad Things, Good Things

So now I have a friend with breast cancer, and my friend Oscar, the presently not as smiling Bolivian, is worried with good cause about his dad, who went back home at precisely the wrong time. Let us hope Ginger … Continue reading

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Supporting My Theory…

This report on MacNN confirms what everybody’s known but for whatever reason have been reluctant to shout from the rooftops: iTMS is to sell iPods. I would also suggest that the Aqua-like feel of iTunes for Windows is not coincidental, … Continue reading

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